Sports and Fashion

Over time the link between sports and fashion is becoming closer. This has led to the rise of trends like "athleisure". Explore the link between sportswear and fashion.

Top 12 Street Wear Brands in the WorldStreet wear is an ever growing trend but what are the top brands that people prefer? Everybody has their own choices but there are some brands that just stand out and have even reached cult status. Here are the top twelve street wear brands in the world.
The Link Between Sportswear and FashionNot too long ago, sportswear and fashion were two completely different things. Sportswear was, as the name suggests for sports and fashion was whatever clothes were trending at the time.
Athleisure - What does it mean?Over the years, sportswear has had a massive impact on fashion so much so that people have started wearing sports clothes for activities that aren’t even a bit sporty. This new term is called “athleisure”.