History of Sports

Fitness training hasn't always been the same as it is today. How did it start? How did the ancients keep fit? All will be revealed with our sporty blasts from the past.

Top 5 Ancient SportsSports in ancient civilisations meant a lot more and either had a religious significance or a way for an individual to prove them self. Here are the top five sports from ancient civilisations.
Top 10 Martial Arts in the WorldThe world is full of different kinds of martial arts and nearly every country has their own fighting style. But what are the fighting styles that put themselves above from the rest?Take a look at the top 10 most deadly martial arts in the world.
Evolution of SportswearThe term “sportswear” was originally used for the comfortable clothes women used to wear while watching sports.
Thews FlashBodybuilding has been a popular hobby all over the world for decades and dates back to the 19th century when it first became a competitive sport.